HGH before and after

If you’re like most health-conscious people, you’re well aware of the benefits of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) therapy. It's known for its anti-aging benefits, improving sleep and boosting your overall health.

This is one supplement that has the power to transform you.

Often the most exciting results we hear about center on the way HGH helps to build muscle. And of course it's ability to increase physical performance.

HGH boosts your energy while helping you sculpt and tone. One of the questions we hear from customers is what exactly they can expect from HGH therapy.

They want to know how the changes in their body will play out during their therapy. Well, we’ve got the skinny right here:

HGH and Your Body: Weeks 1-3

Over the first few weeks, the results are usually subtle. Increased happiness, reduced stress and better sleep are on the list. As well as an increase in energy as HGH begins to ramp up in your body.

We're still a little way away from noticeable results, but this is where it all begins.

HGH and Your Body: Month One

If things seemed a little slow at the outset, this is where your body starts to kick it into high gear. You’ll love it. That increase in energy you felt at the start is growing at around this point. You'll notice a boost in vitality. You’ll also notice your concentration is better, you’re thinking clearer. On an emotional level, you’ll notice more stability. Many people report a decrease in mood swings and an uplifted feeling at this stage.

Physically, this is where it starts to get real. The one-month mark is where your training picks up as your strength and stamina grow.

HGH and Your Body: Month Two

If you noticed lots of great stuff during the first month, you’re going to love month two. That’s because this is where everyone else starts to notice the change in you too. Don’t be too surprised if people start to comment on your smooth skin and your healthy glow. They may even wonder about the fantastic mood you’ve been in lately!

But best of all, your metabolism will be changing in a big way. Which means that your body will be cranking up the rate at which you burn fat...

Your new shape will be starting to form!

Woman showing pictures from before and after

HGH and Your Body: Month Three

Three months in, you’re looking better every day! You continue to build muscle, and now you’re starting to look fit and lean. Your hair will be shiny and strong, your nails gorgeous and you’ll sleep like a baby. One of the most interesting things about this stage of HGH therapy is that this is the time where your bones begin to become stronger and less porous. Which means more agility and less recovery pain if you’re injured.

Oh, and ladies, if you happen to have PMS or menopause symptoms, this is the time you’ll notice they ease up.

HGH and Your Body: Months Four to Five

Around the 3-4-month mark, you’ll start to see big changes in your physique. Up to this point you’ve been burning fat steadily. But now with your increase in muscle mass, there will be no denying the change in you. You’re well on your way to building the body of your dreams, if you’re not there already. For many people, this is the point where their healthcare professional advises they should stop supplementing.

With the increase in both strength and muscle mass, the improvement in energy and vitality and changes to the skin and hair, you’ll feel like a different person. For those who continue to the fifth month, there will continue to be obvious changes in your physique. You'll also notice huge differences in your hair and the smoothness of your skin.

Oh, and you’ll feel amazing. In every way.

After HGH Therapy

Once you’ve reached the end of your HGH therapy, be sure to reach for that ‘before’ photo. You’ll be awed when you compare it with your new self.

So what are the overall results? You can expect to see:

  • Smooth, younger-looking skin
  • Dramatic muscle gain
  • Loss of fat in problem areas such as love handles
  • Thicker, healthier hair

And you can expect to feel:

  • Increased vitality, you’re energized
  • Less mood swings, more balance
  • A boost in strength and endurance
  • Sexually charged, with a healthier libido
  • Better sleep patterns

HGH enables your metabolism to run more efficiently. Which means big changes in the look and feel of your body. Along with fat loss and lean muscle growth, you’ll notice less cellulite. And your skin will be smoother everywhere.

Many people who try HGH therapy also find that workouts are easier, less strenuous given their increased energy and stamina.

Women especially tend to report loving the changes in their appearance. The anti-aging benefits of HGH will make your skin and hair look years younger. And your lean muscle growth adds to your overall youthful appearance.

Men also enjoy the benefits to their appearance. Yet most men find that the greatest benefits come from their newfound sexual energy. HGH helps to overcome sexual dysfunction such as erectile dysfunction (ED). It helps to charge the libido and increase sexual stamina.

From your overall appearance to the energy with which you live each day to the fullest, the benefits of HGH therapy will amaze you.

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