The Benefits of Human Growth Hormone for Bodybuilding

Using Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for bodybuilding has all the benefits of anabolic steroids. Without many of the potential drawbacks. As such, HGH has been popular with bodybuilders for the past several decades.

If you’re into bodybuilding, you may know HGH as a more natural substitute for steroids. You probably also know that it’s a go-to for getting ripped.

But what exactly does HGH do for bodybuilders?

HGH and Bodybuilding

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For years, both synthetic and natural aids have been popular with bodybuilders. One of the best-known options has been anabolic steroids. Steroids can contribute to chiseled abs and a well-defined body. Yet they can also cause dangerous side effects.

The need for a safer, natural alternative to steroids has led many bodybuilders to love HGH.


As you may know, HGH is produced naturally in the body by the pituitary gland. It's a primary factor in healthy growth and development in children.

HGH also has a host of other benefits, including:

  • Promoting lean muscle mass
  • Strengthening hair and nails
  • Increasing stamina and endurance
  • Keeping bones strong and healthy
  • Helping the body heal faster after injury
  • Boosting sex drive and performance
  • Smoothing the skin for a healthy, youthful appearance

HGH production begins to taper off in women during their mid-twenties. It starts to dwindle in men around the mid-thirties.

Supplementing with HGH injections increases overall health and vitality. It also benefits the body in terms of bodybuilding results.

Benefits of HGH for Bodybuilding

Once produced by the pituitary gland, HGH is secreted into the bloodstream. Here it is taken up by the liver, where it stimulates the production of growth factors. The most notable of these is IGF-1. This is the growth factor that contributes the most to bodybuilding benefits.

IGF-1 boosts protein synthesis in the body. This means that more of the calories you ingest are converted to protein to help build lean muscle.

Another way HGH is vital to bodybuilding is through hyperplasia.

What is hyperplasia? It's the production of new cells in the body, which means that HGH doesn't work by making your cells and tissues bigger to increase muscle. It helps create new cells, and this rapid proliferation of cells is what builds lean muscle mass.

HGH also decreases fat synthesis, which is a benefit every bodybuilder loves.

Instead of storing fat, HGH enables the body to use body fat to increase energy and performance. This means you lose fat and take on that lean, mean appearance faster!

HGH also increases cartilage strength. In doing so, it helps build stronger bones and joints. Alongside this, it promotes higher resilience and faster post-injury healing.

HGH Dosages and Bodybuilding

To get the full benefits of HGH for bodybuilding, it's essential to understand dosage. For men, the optimal dose is between is between 6-8 UIs per day, divided into two even doses. For women, 1 to 2 UIs daily is an adequate dose for fat loss. If you're looking to build muscle, 3 to 4 UIs is reasonable.

If you’re using HGH for the first time, a dose in the range of 4-8 UIs daily is ideal.

While there are those tempted to take more to achieve faster results, it's not recommended. Most people can handle up to 15 UIs of HGH a day, but that doesn't mean that's ideal. Always seek the advice of your doctor before supplementing with high doses of HGH.

HGH For Bodybuilding: Getting Great Results

The best way to take HGH is through intramuscular or subcutaneous injection. Subcutaneous is the most popular method. Yet intramuscular injection delivers better results when it comes to bodybuilding. Intramuscular means the HGH gets into your system faster. Once there it gets right to work on helping you achieve great results.

Human growth hormone is estimated to reach half-life around twenty minutes after it enters your system. It peaks between one and three hours from the time you take your dose. This is the time that you’re getting peak anabolic benefits from your injection.

When is the Best Time to Take HGH?

The best time to take HGH depends on insulin levels in the body; HGH has a more significant effect when insulin levels are low. Since insulin levels are generally low after a workout, this is a great time to take your HGH supplement. Some bodybuilders use HGH daily, while others use it every second day.

Still others maintain a five-days-on/two-two-days off schedule. There are benefits and drawbacks to whichever program you settle on. Using HGH daily costs more than every second day, yet results are noticeable in a shorter period. It’s important to note also that HGH is always taken in cycles of between two to four months. Taking breaks between cycles is important. This ensures you mitigate any health risks associated with prolonged use.

If in doubt, check with your doctor about the optimal time for you to take HGH.

HGH, Bodybuilding, and Diet

Healthy diet salmon, berrys, tomatoes and salad When using HGH for bodybuilding, there is no need to restrict calories. Since HGH diverts most of your calorie intake to protein and the body burns fat for energy, you can eat a regular diet. As with any fitness routine, it's important to eat well. It's always a good idea to stay away from sugar and processed foods. It can also be a good idea to increase your protein intake and get lots of healthy carbs.

It’s also recommended to eat smaller meals every two to three hours.

HGH Injections and You

For many bodybuilders, HGH therapy offers a safe and natural alternative to anabolic steroids. Produced in the body, HGH helps burn fat, increase lean muscle and boost your endurance.

But there are so many companies on the Internet that supply HGH supplements. How do you know you’re getting the best? First, beware of sprays, pills and other forms of supplementation. Often these suppliers promise high quality. However, for maximum impact, HGH injection is best. For the highest levels of integrity, HGH should begin as a lyophilized powder. It should then be activated with bacteriostatic water. HGH supplements must then be kept away from heat and light, and always refrigerated.

Not all supplement suppliers adhere to these guidelines. Which means you may not be getting the highest potency product. The result could be side effects or a lack of satisfactory results.

To combat this, always buy your injectable HGH from a reputable source, such as HGH Champions.

Want more information on HGH Champions or HGH supplements? We've got the answers you need! Contact us today!

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