About HGH Injections

Human growth hormone must be administered by injection. If taken by mouth it’s broken down by acid in the stomach, which renders it ineffective. Injection, by comparison, ensures that the hormone is absorbed into the body through the skin. It can then enter the bloodstream to be taken up by the liver.

When it comes to injecting HGH, there are two main methods, which include:

  • Needle-free delivery using a self-dosing HGH pen
  • Needle delivery using a vial and syringe

So what’s the right method of delivery for you? It all depends on your needs, your lifestyle and your comfort level.

Self-Dosing HGH Pens

Self-dosing HGH pens come with a variety of advantages over using a needle and syringe. These include:

  • Easy administration with a metered dose of HGH
  • Pain-free injection with no need to puncture the skin
  • Often no refrigeration required for activation, for added convenience
  • Come with handy, easy-to-carry refill cartridges

It’s no wonder that self-dosing HGH pens are a favorite for HGH users on the go who don’t like the idea of needle injections.

Young woman injecting her self with HGH human growth hormone

How HGH Self-Dosing Pens Work

Self-dosing pens use a high degree of pressure to push growth hormone through the skin in thin streams. The body then absorbs the HGH into the bloodstream through the skin. The process is quick and almost painless.

HGH Pens are very reliable, subjected to rigorous quality testing by the manufacturer.

HGH Vials and Syringes

HGH administration via a needle involves injecting HGH into the subcutaneous tissue. Subcutaneous tissue means the tissue below the skin. This then allows the body to absorb the HGH into the bloodstream.

Many HGH users who have a high tolerance for needles find that needle injection is fast and straightforward. It’s also important to remember that subcutaneous injections are quite shallow. This means that you don’t require a long needle. Short, small needles are fine, ranging from a half inch to five-eighths of an inch with a gauge between 25 and 30.

The Best Injection Method for You

If you’re new to HGH therapy, it’s important to consider the advantages of both methods of injection. Self-dosing pens may be a touch higher in price, yet they’re ideal for those who live a busy lifestyle or who don’t do well with needles. Anyone who prefers needle injections may find that the small needles are fast and reasonably painless.

HGH therapy offers a host of benefits for everything from building muscle and fitness to slowing the aging process and increasing your overall health. Once you’ve decided on the best method of injection for you and committed to your therapy, you’ll feel amazing!

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